Children will establish a strong sense of identity, develop a passion for learning and cultivate the instincts to positively impact their world.



We are happy to announce the winners of our first  peer nominated C3 awards celebrating our fabulous Aleph Preschool staff!

Amanda Awend:  Creation

Wendy Grosser: Creation

Misty Thompson: Collaboration

Summary of Awards:

Collaboration Award

The recipient of this award wholly supports the school mission and approaches co-teacher(s) and the entire staff with open-mindedness and understanding. Most importantly, this educator collaborates with, supports, inspires and motivates others to reach their potential.

Communication Award

This teacher engages in individualized, positive and professional communication with all preschool stakeholders (parents, children, colleagues, administration). This candidate is honest, clear and forthcoming and consistently creates an environment that respects diversity, inclusivity and tolerance.

Creation Award

This educator’s planned activities are age-appropriate, engaging and differentiated.  Most importantly, the recipient of this award uses approaches and creates lessons that are innovative, child-centered and cross-curricular.